esojo - esojo

While using a black and white developing kit to make contact prints in a small bathroom, I discovered photography in the summer of 1969, imagine starting with negatives rather than taking pictures! In 1971, I purchased my first 35mm camera, a Miranda Sensorex. This camera served me well until its demise led me to Nikon equipment. In 1999 I moved to Canon due to their innovative stabilized lenses and in 2004 went 100% digital. I used to carry a camcorder but decided that I could not concentrate using both media so no longer do videos. I have never taken a class in photography and learned by trial and error. My original interest was in bird photography but throughout the years evolved into other subjects. My favorite wildlife sites are in East Africa and the most rewarding countries for travel photography are in Central and South America, which offer a mixture of colonial architecture and colorful Indian cultures. I found Iceland to be the most unusual place to photograph while Chile offers the most spectacular landscapes.